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  2. Jimk1944 Says:

    RE: Climategate

    Somebody needs to follow this money trail. The Global Warming Hoax stands to make Al Gore the first Climate Change Billionaire while bankrupting America.

    This is the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. Compared to Climategate Bernie Madoff is a piker equivelent to a penny candy thief.

    Lets not kid ourselves this is all about the money. Thousands upon thousands of people world wide have been making billions off this fraud since 1959. All at the expense of the American people. This Climate Change fraud has sent our industrial base overseas, lowered our standard and cost millions of jobs.

    Just about every college, university, government agencies, united nations, and many foreign countries have been picking the American people clean for decades. Study Grants for professors along with Government Subsidies to favored businesses have perpetuated and expanded this fraud.

    The UN and all the under developed countries that will receive billions of dollars from America, along with the developed countries that benefit from competing with a weaker America are on board with this hoax – of course they support climategate.

    Here in America, we have been grinding out thousands of Environmental “Scientists” for decades. All of these “Scientists” need jobs. We do not have any real work for even one per cent of these graduates. So, we continue to perpetuate this fraud for a misguided, counter-productive, government jobs program for people with no real skills. Of course they all support climategate.

    I have been studying this hoax for years. So, if you want to defend grobal warming with intellegent discussion I will respond. But, if all you intend is to repeat the same tired talking points e.g. “settled science”, ” consensus among experts” etc. then I will not respond to you, because when arguing with a fool there are two fools arguing.

    As for those “Global Warming True Believers” who are NOT benefitting financially from this hoax, sensible people have figured you out.

    We know that this is your new religion. You practice it with the fervor of a fanatical fundamentalist. You even have your very own quasi deity “Mother Earth”. Most of you are also UFO goonies that sign to a wide variety of conspiracy theories and still can’t get over the fact that JFK was murdered by a wacko communist – period.

    Come on, show me I’m wrong


  3. Jimk1944 Says:

    RE: Climategate

    Lets not forget that Carol Browner is the EPA Czar. The same Carol Browner that was in charge of the EPA under Clinton. When she left the government position she deleted and destroyed every single Email from all her years in office and was never charged. This is a FEDERAL CRIME.

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